She​/​Her​/​Hers 4​/​20 Demo

by She/Her/Hers

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released May 14, 2015



all rights reserved
Track Name: Bathroom Battles (fight for your right (to potty))
I was walking out of a bathroom last week
when a man just so happened to enter
he takes one look at me and then exits

I guess I dont look like a man anymore
so he needs to check the sign on the door
he thinks he’s made some mistake

I had to go to the bathroom today
and I didn’t know which one to use
it seems it’s always the one I don’t choose

I might get screams, and I’ll get stares at the least
hey everybody look at the freak
that’s everybody looking at me
every single god damn time that I gotta pee

my name is Emma
that’s the one that I chose
cuz I’ll not be defined by my body

and I don’t need to hear
how you feel about that
and don’t tell me that nobody could love me

cuz there are people and places more beautiful than your own mind
where nobody passes judgement
and nobody lies

to themselves
and to each other

together and alone we’ll all strive
to make a world where no one needs to hide
Track Name: A world without ourselves
My grandparents have a cabin in the woods in Oregon
where you can’t pump your own gas
and the truck stop sells guns and ammo
and bumper stickers that say One Big Ass Mistake America
the Bush/Cheney stickers on the backs of trucks
are as faded as the hippies selling trinkets on the side of the road
for good luck

I visit them every summer
hang out in the garden and I read all day
and we watch more Glenn Beck than any sane human being ever should
and over the crackle of Rush Limbaugh on the car stereo
my grandmother told me
that she’s got a stockpile prepared
for when the shit hits the fan
law and order break down
in the chaos that ensues we will hide in our back country home
with the shutters closed until we die
we will wait the coming storm until we die

for centuries this apocalyptic mindset has convinced
each generation that these are the end times
do we truly believe that society is on the precipice of collapse?
or are we just too nihilistic to imagine a world without ourselves?
Track Name: blood/brain/balls
There are days where the universe decides
to forego its constant hail of gunfire
thats been keeping you down
under the barbed wire

like a day when it seems the universe decides
to give just what you need when you need it
i don’t know if it god or the work of some angel
or statistics and confirmation bias

but it feel like what I need

living a life where your brain and your body
just can’t seem to get on the same page
the chemicals in your blood, your brain, and your balls
have got you drinking and crying in bathroom stalls

listen up girl, you know I know that it’s hard
to be who you are when you’ve come this far
invested in a lie, in what you’ve been told
but there will always be people who love you

and we can give ourselves what we need
Track Name: The things you can't accept
empty bottles, cigarette butts
all attempts to make our hearts stop
the things you can’t accept
about yourself when there’s no one else

you push, push, push it down
try to block that sound
of the voices
the voices screaming in your head

in the corner, of a small room
microphone and spotlight on you
you thought you had something to say
but your mouth doesn’t work that way

but you have a voice
and it’s you that makes the choice
to push, push, push it
push, push, push it doooooooowwwwwwn

empty bottles, cigarette butts
all the things we try to do to make our hearts stop
we bust our ass every day
just to fuck our night away

so tell me what we’re doing here
it’s not living, it’s just fear
we gotta let, let, let it
let, let, let it oooooooouuuuuuut
Track Name: Transitioning (to a life without you)
Is that what you remember?
Is that what you’ve taken out of this?
We build our narratives the stories of our lives
If you want yours to be a tragedy, that’s fine

You won’t remember this face in twenty years
I will be older, I am growing (changing) all the time
You may not see this face for twenty years
I am transitioning to a life without you

I don’t wanna keep talking about it
How you can’t understand how I feel
If you can’t find a place inside
of your heart, for me, well that’s fine
well thats fine


I am transitioning to a life without you
I am transitioning to a life without you